Do I need

Boxing Experience?

Boxing experience is a plus, but isn’t necessary. Thanks to our amazing team, we’ve made it so that the training and support you receive will get you through owning your Legends franchise.

We start with an on-boarding process at our corporate gym in Utah. This will be a run down of everything necessary to run your franchise. Then we’ll get to the more technical aspects. Coaches will be interviewed and trained through a camp, but we also offer full access to our video library of all boxing skills and movements for you and them.

In addition to the videos, we have a designated trainer that will be available for immediate phone support and can answer any and all of your questions. If that isn’t enough, we also provide classes for franchisee’s to get additional training and on-site coach support by request. You’ll never be out of touch with a member of our team should you need support or help.

What makes

a Good Franchise owner?

It’s a common belief that it takes a certain “type” of person to be a franchise owner. The truth is, anyone can do it, but it takes a realistic approach, focus, and dedication. Here at Legends, we know that everyone brings something unique and valuable to the table; here are just a few attributes we’ve found that helps a future franchisee owner succeed.

Willingness to Learn

Nothing tops having the will to learn. It is often said that any obstacle can be overcome if only one continues to learn. Learning then turns into teaching and the cycle continues.

Structure & Discipline

Starting a business takes time. While our models are remarkably faster than a traditional gym set-up, a franchisee will need structure and discipline to follow the process through to opening day. Something the Legends team looks for as well is a willingness to follow a road map to success, no matter the time it takes.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit we refer to is two-fold. Not only should prospective franchisees have the mindset to adapt and change, they should also embrace critical thinking, the drive for top service, and the enthusiasm to continue forward.

A franchise model

Made for all

No matter what your situation is, there is a franchisee model for you.

Problem Solver

Problem solving comes in many different forms and some are better at it than others. But those who seek help and solutions often find their answers faster. Legends members will work hard to solve any problems that arise, but that process begins with the franchisee.


Leaders run businesses all over the world. Some dictate and others work hand in hand. We prefer the type that is committed to leading with a full heart. This means that franchisee’s understand that each member that joins has their own goals and struggles, each coach has their own way of breaking through, and everyone is family. What makes a good franchise owner is good leadership.

Positive Fitness Attitude

And most importantly, a good franchise owner believes in fitness. Not just the hype and outcomes, but the lifestyle change and hard-work it takes to get there. Some improve fast and some improve slowly, yet a good attitude will always ensure that progress is made. Whether for owners or members, a positive belief in the fitness industry is key.

Ready to franchise?

When you’re ready to franchise your first Legends Boxing club, you’ll benefit from our versatile ownership model. The Legends brand wants your transition to club ownership to be as seamless as possible, so we’ve ensured that this model is simple and can be easily integrated to suit your ownership needs and preferences.


If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to gym ownership, an owner-operator role allows you to do just that. With or without previous business experience, you’ll be able to oversee the day-to- day functions of your gym with a 40-hour per week commitment. What’s great about starting as an owner-operator is that it paves the way for you to become a semi-absentee owner down the road, should you desire to go that route.


For owners who value a work-life balance, Legends gives you the option of being a semi-absentee owner. This workload is approximately 10-15 hours per week, giving you the freedom to spend more time with your family or to pursue other business endeavors simultaneously. The semi-absentee role is a perfect fit for owners who have past business experience and are looking towards multi-unit franchising.


If you already have experience with the franchise model, you may be looking for diversified investment opportunities. And in that case, our model is tailored for seasoned entrepreneurs like you. It allows you to establish yourself as a multi-brand or multi-unit franchisee, facilitating the option of building out an entire market and growing your empire.

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