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Burn fat and gain muscle with Boxing Fitness workouts that burn up to twice as many caloriesas traditional gym workout machines. Boxing Fitness workouts at Legends Boxing provide individualized attention from certified boxing coaches to ensure proper technique and footwork for maximum performance and results. Boxing is a total-body workout that builds strength, agility and confidence. Whether you’re new to fitness, new to boxing, young or old, Legends Boxing will help you reach your training goals.

Legends Boxing fitness programs are step-by-step classes that take you through the boxing fundamentals. Our Boxing Fitness workouts are fun, intense and present exciting opportunities to learn new skills and get into excellent physical form. Don’t expect to come to class to work on the heavy bag the whole time; Each time you come to class you experience a new workout structured around boxing fundamentals including conditioning, speed and strength exercises.

At Legends, you’ll burn fat, build your mental and physical strength and find confidence you never knew existed. Come try a free 1-hour workout and see for yourself!

No Boxing experience?

No problem.

If you’ve never tried boxing before, don't worry. The majority of our members come into Legends having little to no boxing experience.  Our workouts are designed for ages 12 and older and all skill levels. Legends Boxing focuses on developing proper punching technique, combinations, and footwork. Each boxing fitness class provides individual training attention with a certified boxing coach. Fitness training with boxing builds stamina, self-discipline and control all while burning fat and gaining muscle. With the proper boxing techniques and dedication to training, our clients often notice full body transformations.

Why choose us?

In a 1-hour Boxing Fitness Class at Legends, you’ll burn up to twice the amount of calories as a normal gym workout. Each day is a brand new workout, always designed to get you a total-body workout – combining Boxing techniques, conditioning and core exercises. No Boxing experience? No worries! The majority of our members have zero Boxing experience when they join Legends. We’ll teach you all the Boxing skills and techniques you’ll need from the very beginning!


Rock Steady Boxing is dedicated to helping individuals with Parkinson’s Disease fight back. Through a non-contact, boxing-inspired fitness program, their fighters work to improve balance, strength, agility, endurance, cognitive function and much more. Beat Parkinson’s Disease one punch at a time.

there's more.

More benefits!


Boxing is a sport of speed, timing, and instinct. The boxing fitness classes at Legends Boxing, stress the speed and agility training for maximum performance and results. Don’t expect to hit the heavy bag for an hour until your hands are raw. Legends Boxing has developed a training regimen that hits every major muscle group and works to increase stamina, develop hand-eye coordination and boost footwork efficiency. With workouts that change daily and incorporate Boxing, cardio/conditioning and core exercises, you’ll be seeing results like never before!


It’s estimated that boxing burns anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories an hour. Boxing isn’t just about punching – Intricate footwork training and cross-training, build muscle and shed fat all over. Boxing requires your body to be in full-motion for an extended period of time, which keeps your metabolic rates high and burns fat efficiently. Boxing Fitness incorporates Boxing skills, conditioning and core exercises and keeps your body working hard, giving you a high intensity intreval training session that keeps you burning calories at an elevated rate long after is over. Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, tone muscle, or bulk up, full-body transformations are possible as boxing engages your core, legs and upper body muscle groups.


Classes at Legends Boxing not only train and improve your physical self, but your mental self as well. The daily stresses of life can sometimes feel overwhelming.  A workout at Legends and you’ll be feeling refreshed and recharged! Along with stress-management, you’ll likely feel a sense of empowerment as you learn and improve your boxing skills. As you further your boxing training, you’ll find yourself less stressed and more confident as you reach the level of fitness you’ve always wanted while learning valuable self-defense skills.

Join us for a free 1-hour Boxing Fitness workout!

See why our members love it here & how fun working out can be.

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