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It isn’t just about fitness anymore; it’s about a way of life.

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If you’ve never considered fitness before, now is the time. A *reported 75% of people consider being physically fit as a top priority, and as a result, they’re turning to gyms. However, many of these fitness-goers are tired of the traditional gym experience and are seeking exciting, new ways of getting in shape. This is where we come in.

While there are many options out there, prospective members choose Legends Boxing because of our substantial differences. From the warmth, they receive as they walk in the door the first time, to the clear development and outcomes of our classes, the fitness we offer is above par. Repeat this level of joy with our coaches, prices, and space, and the conclusion is evident.

It isn’t just about fitness anymore; it’s about a way of life. The fitness industry has reported constant growth since 2010, and though part of it can be attributed to the rising number of health issues reported, an equal amount can be traced to a shift in purpose. Being healthy is an identity and so is having fun while doing it. Gone are the days of boring, identical workouts. And we agree – which is why we’ve chosen boxing fitness. So you could go with traditional options of franchising and business, or you could go with Legendary.

*reports by Stephens Inc.
Is fitness 

Fitness in the U.S. is one of the fastest growing industries in the franchise sector. Furthermore, boutique fitness, the phenomenon of smaller gyms that have high service on a focused fitness area, is quickly gaining even more popularity. According to several studies, the percentage of people using boutique fitness gyms has risen steadily to claim 21% of the 24+ billion dollar US industry in the past five years alone. Since 2010, the number of boutique studios has gone up 400%*.

One of the numerous reasons why boutique fitness is the new solution to old, stagnant markets, is cost. Boutique studios, like Legends Boxing and other focus gyms, require less space than traditional gyms with their rows and rows of machines. Boutique fitness businesses also have lower operating costs than all-service gyms, by an average of about 75%.

*reports by Stephens Inc.

In addition to lower cost, another contribution to growth is that real estate locations can be secured in non-traditional spaces that larger gyms would have difficulty operating in. This is essential for securing sought-after urban markets where proximity is crucial. Flexible, wide-ranging locations are also making boutique fitnesses more competitive and appealing to prospective members.

As for the market, the U.S. ranks #1 worldwide, regarding revenue and number of members in health and fitness clubs. Of this market, approximately 49.8% are male, and 50.2% are female and core members, those who go to the gym at least 103 days of the year, make up about 23.6 million people as of 2015. Fitness isn’t just growing, it’s booming, and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

1. High-Intensity Calorie Burn

Health experts have touted that full-body workouts are more effective and it’s easy to see why. While some exercises only target one or two areas, Boxing employs the use of multiple muscle groups as well as the full benefits of an intense cardio session (heart and lungs). It’s estimated that boxing burns anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories an hour!

Not to mention, fitness boxing uses a training technique that the American College of Sports Medicine has declared as a top fitness trend, called High-Intensity Interval Training. The basic concept of which forces the body to go all out, or 100%, with short periods of rest in between. The body responds with an “afterburn effect” which is responsible for the quick, high-calorie burn. An increased metabolism also aids in lifelong health, all because members take the step to get fit.

2. Not Your Everyday Workouts

In addition to the personal teaching each member gets with the coaches and trainers, the allure to fitness boxing is how versatile it is. The #1 reason members quit going to the gym or working out is because they get bored. At traditional gyms, each person does their own thing. At a “big boss” gym, many get caught up in who is the “toughest.” But with boxing fitness, the sky’s the limit.

Workouts condition the entire body using strength, agility, coordination, endurance and balance which also engages the mind. You won’t find any half-asleep members standing around a boxing fitness gym. Typical workouts begin with a warm up, move through interval and circuit techniques, and then end with a short cool down period and each skill taught can be used anywhere.

3. Stress Relief

So it’s no wonder that so many participants use fitness for stress relief. When mind and body are entirely occupied, there is no time or energy for stress. The availability of punching bags also serves as an active outlet.

4. Confidence Boost

What could make anyone more confident than feeling and looking better in a short amount of time? Faster results have people wanting to be healthier, to set bigger and better goals. Not to mention, there’s something for everyone. Too often, people sign up at a gym only to feel like there’s no reason to be there. Nothing that fits them. However, Legends Boxing strives to provide the opposite and help each and every person find their fitness home.

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