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What is

Legends Boxing?


Legends Boxing is, MORE THAN A WORKOUT. Our Boxing Fitness classes are a fun, fresh & motivating way to get your workout in. Every day we have a brand new, 1-hour workout for you, created & led by our certified coaches. Our workouts incorporate total-body exercises such as jumping rope, push-ups, squats, working the heavy bag and SO MUCH MORE.

Our workouts are for ages 12 and up and for any fitness level. Just starting your fitness journey? Looking to switch up the way you workout? Ready for a new challenge? GREAT! We offer modifications to fit your abilities and our coaches are right there to help and teach you, every step of the way. Intrigued, curious and excited? Come try a FREE WORKOUT with us and see why our members LOVE it here!

Welcoming staff & environment.

Get fit in a comfortable and productive environnment by dedicated professionals.

Workouts change daily.

Keep from getting stagnant with our fresh and versatile routines.

Confidence & Mental Clarity

Boxing helps tune your mind in a way that no other skill does, providing a huge boost in confidence, happiness, and mental clarity.

Learn real boxing techniques.

Train like a legend with professional instructors.

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about the workout.

At Legends we teach real USA Boxing technique in step-by-step Boxing Fitness classes. We’ll not only teach you proper footwork, punching technique, and self-defense, but we incorporate total-body conditioning exercises to each, new daily workout, all led and created by our certified coaches. Legends offers a fun and challenging alternative to traditional fitness gyms.

Our workouts are designed for any fitness level and to get you the results you want. We’re here to help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what they are. You won’t find another way of working out that is more fun or empowering!

Our Core values

You are part of a tribe, family, community. You are part of something special here.
Real USA Boxing. Real Technique. Learn a real skill.
Whatever the goal, our values are based on your achievement.

We believe in providing a sense of family and as a Legends member you are a part of that. We look out for, stand up for and encourage each other. At Legends, we understand that one of the toughest obstacles one faces is the one in the mirror. At Legends we offer a safe place, free from judgment and intimidation. Whatever goal you have set for yourself, we are here to help you achieve it.


“This gym is simply amazing. The classes are challenging and different every day. The facility is clean and the staff is always very helpful. When I started going I thought maybe 90 days then I well get bored – it’s been 8 months now and I still love it. Try this gym out you won’t be disappointed.”

– Aimee

“My son loves it here! Legends is perfect character building sports, encouraging strong athletes mentally and physically! Skyler is 13 and increasing in strength and confidence. As a single mother, I'm keen on strong examples for my son, especially in adolescence. Coach Andrew has trained his athletes to be physically and mentally strong, mind over matter, solid discipline, never give up, and finish strong!”

– Jennifer


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