Boxing Moves You’ll Learn in Your First Boxing Class: Boxing Gym in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

We all yearn for that perfect physique. The pure confidence that comes with chiseled arms, pronounced chests, bulky shoulders, or toned legs is unmatched. And while the gym is the first place we’d think to go to achieve our workout goals, no one has ever really had fun at the gym.

And this lack of enthusiasm for getting fit could be one of the greatest barriers to obtaining your perfect body. Studies suggest that enjoying exercise can reap more mental benefits, such as better moods and lower stress. Plus, when you love exercising, you’ll be more motivated to do it often. So, how exactly can we take the “work” out of a workout?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track! There is no better way to tone those muscles in a fun, safe, and judgement-free environment than by taking boxing classes. And joining a club like the Legends Boxing gym in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a perfect way to start.

What Does a Typical Class Look Like?

There are two types of popular training methods for boxing: one to help fighters compete, and the other is more focused on training everyday athletes to promote healthy habits. The primary difference is that gyms that prepare fighters for competition are more focused on landing punches and building defense. These gyms often have actual rings inside.

But if your goal is to not get hit, then you’ll want something more geared towards overall fitness. Legends Boxing classes are designed to be a fun and exciting way to get your workout in. Each day, certified instructors will lead a one hour course that will incorporate total-body exercises like push-ups, jump ropes, working with punching bags, learning different punches, and more!

The great thing is that classes change each day, so you’ll never get that stale, repetitive feeling that you might at the gym. Not only does it keep things fresh, but it also broadens your knowledge of boxing and fitness in general!

With that said, you might want some specifics about what your first class will look like to alleviate some of those first-time jitters. Let’s walk you through what you might be able to expect the moment you walk through the doors!

What to Expect During The First Class?

Signing up for a class and choosing to improve your health is the hardest part, so if you’ve made it this far, give yourself a nice pat on the back! The next step is by far the most exciting -- getting to the boxing gym!

It’s important to arrive at your first class at least 15 minutes early to give you some time to meet your instructor and become familiar with the location. And like any gym, you can expect to sign a little bit of paperwork before you get started. Your instructor might also teach you how to properly wrap your hands to help prevent injury. 

But then, once the not-so-fun stuff is out of the way, you can quickly get into the VERY fun stuff. To start, you’re going to learn some basic punches:

  • Jab: This is the most commonly used punch in boxing. It’s a sudden, straight punch that’s quick and effective. Larry Holmes was known for his!
  • Hook: Possibly one of the most powerful punches in boxing, this move can really catch an opponent off guard. It comes from a side angle, so playing defense can be tricky.
  • Uppercut: As the name implies, this one comes from a vertical upwards angle, typically meant to strike an opponent’s chin. When thrown properly, you might just land a knockout!
  • Cross: This is the strongest punch of them all. Using leverage from your back muscles, this punch comes from your dominant hand. It’s a bit slow but extremely successful.

Learning Correct Boxer’s Stance

Like punches, the proper boxer’s stance is super important in being able to safely and effectively carry out this exciting exercise. Proper stance will determine the effectiveness of your offense and defense, as well as help to prevent injury. Because of all that, this will be one of the first things you’ll learn.

Proper stance is achieved by first placing your feet shoulder-width apart. If you’re right-handed, your left foot should point straight ahead, and if you’re left-handed, it’s just the opposite. Regardless, keep your back foot out at a 45-degree angle to avoid standing square against your opponent.

The key to a powerful punch is in your body’s rotation, so once you master this stance, you’ll be burning the calories in no time!

What Equipment Do I Need?

No gym is complete without a few extra accessories to really make the most of your experience. Fitness boxing is no exception, and luckily, it doesn’t take much!

Hand Wraps

Quite possibly the most important piece of equipment you’ll need before your first class is hand wraps. Even professional boxers use these. But what exactly makes them so imperative?

For starters, they help to make your hands more compact when creating a fist. This can help make your punches more powerful overall while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury. Not to mention, they add even more protection underneath your boxing gloves.

If you’re not exactly sure how to wrap your hands, that’s okay! Believe it or not, Legends Boxing instructors know a thing or two about boxing, so they will be happy to help you out.

Boxing Gloves

It’s impossible to truly feel like a boxer without sporting a pair of those big, bulky gloves before jabbing some punching bags. But besides their iconic look, these are an essential tool in helping you properly box.

Your knuckles are an extremely sensitive area with little muscle protecting the bones, so you need to make sure you’re cushioning them with hand wraps and gloves before pounding the bag. 

Your boxing gym will have communal gloves that you can use. And while these are sanitized and cleaned after every use, you may want to invest in your own pair to really accentuate your personal style.

Boxing Shoes

Wearing the right type of footwear can have a huge impact on your overall performance and mobility. Proper boxing shoes will help keep your feet planted firmly on the ground to really give you some of the most powerful punches.

Official shoes for boxing can range on the expensive side, so you can stick with a quality pair of cross-trainers for your classes. 

Benefits of Boxing

If you’re still not fully convinced that your trip to Scottsdale’s boxing gym is right for you, take a look at some of the amazing benefits that fitness boxing has to offer.

For one, this is a full-body workout, meaning that your legs, arms, chest, back, and shoulders are all going to be strengthened during each session. Full-body exercises are very effective ways to quickly tone every area of your body safely and properly.

This also means that you’ll be toning those muscles in no time! In addition to those jabs and hooks, Legends Boxing incorporates other strength conditioning exercises throughout routines. You might do crunches, sit-ups, mountain climbers, or even work on the exercise ball during your 60-minute visit.

Plus, boxing uses both anaerobic and cardiovascular systems, so you can burn upwards of 800 calories per session (that’s almost an entire row of Oreos)! Because of its high-intensity nature, you’ll even continue to burn calories as you go about the rest of your day.

The cardiovascular part of these classes is of utmost importance, especially when considering that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Every time you come to one of these exciting fitness classes, you are doing amazing work to keep your mind and body healthy.

If that’s not enough, boxing is just plain old fun! How often do you get to release some stress and energy into a big punching bag while improving your fitness at the same time? Your sessions will fly by, and you’ll be excited to come back for more!


If you visit the Legends Boxing Gym in Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Your first boxing class will teach you some basic moves and help you perfect the boxing stance to let you be a pro when it comes to your next course.

Since these classes change every time, you’ll never get tired of the same old thing like you might at a regular gym. With full-body HIIT workouts, you’ll burn a ton of calories in a fun, safe, and clean environment.

If you’re still a bit skeptical, you can try your first workout class for free! Then once you decide that you love it, we’ll be ready for when you come back. With all of the benefits that boxing has to offer, we hope to see you soon!


Written by
Legends Boxing
Wednesday, February 3, 2021