Why Boxing Classes are for Everyone

Written by
Mary Bevins
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Lots of different kinds of people go to a boxing class to get a better body composition, more coordination, and higher confidence, not to get ready for a fight. You can be young or old, in-shape or out-of-shape, and have a lot of fun getting stronger and forgetting about your worries for an hour.

What Can I Expect at a Boxing Class?

If you’ve ever had trouble getting motivated to go to the gym, a boxing class will make you excited about it, because it’s great exercise—and it’s just cool. You’ll feel like you belong to a group of people all growing together, learning awesome new movements, such as uppercuts, jabs, crosses, hooks, and how to combine them. These are real techniques that boxers use!

In a boxing class, you’ll get a workout for your whole body, but you don't think, “I have to work out now,” because you’ll be focused on getting better at boxing. You’ll be moving toward your own goals, with the help of a coach, while you stretch, do cardio, do strength training, and practice a punching routine.

Your technique will keep improving with practice! You’re punching a bag for a reason. You’ll also get better at moving your feet correctly, and your stance and posture will improve, even in normal life. There’s nothing like the rush and the confidence you can get from learning.

What Are the Main Benefits of Boxing Class?

If you’re not training for a fight, you’ll want some other big benefits in your life from boxing class. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Overall Strength

You can efficiently work out your whole body in a short time in boxing class. When you warm up, do interval training and other exercises, and punch a heavy bag hundreds of times, your upper body, core, and legs will all get stronger.

2. Cardiovascular Health

If you think about going to the gym to walk on a treadmill is boring, here’s some good news: you can get a cardio workout from boxing class. Cardiovascular health is improved by moderate stress on your heart and lungs, so why not make it fun by punching, working your whole body, and challenging your mind?

3. Stress Relief

Exercise, in general, can improve your mood. Boxing class also takes focus, similar to meditation, so it can lower stress and improve mood in other areas of life. You almost can’t remember your worries when you’re pouring your energy into the punching bag and working on your technique.

4. Better Body Composition

People talk a lot about losing weight, but that’s usually not the best goal for a healthy life. People can lose weight in unhealthy ways. Instead, focus on improving your body composition. Through healthful nutrition and an exciting exercise habit, you can build muscle, reduce fat, and improve your overall shape.

5. Hand-Eye Coordination

Through boxing class, your hand-eye coordination will improve, along with your general reflexes and physical coordination. This can help you avoid injuries like slips and falls in other areas of your life.

6. Confidence

Confidence is an unexpected bonus of boxing class. Going to the gym and getting exercise, in general, can build your belief in yourself, but learning to box is another level. It can help you learn to overcome challenges, endure pain, and face your fears.

If you want to start building your strength and confidence—and having a great time—register for a boxing class with Legends Boxing.

Written by
Mary Bevins
Wednesday, February 27, 2019