The Best Fitness Tracking Apps of 2019

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Friday, March 15, 2019

It is a great time to get fit. Actually, it’s always a great time to get fit, but sometimes we could use a little help along the way. In addition to joining a gym that offers dynamic workouts and positive team support, fitness tracking apps are really helpful for staying on track with your fitness goals. Here is a list of the best fitness apps that are designed to give you the support you need. Find the right fitness tracking apps for your workouts.


One of the best things about taking classes at a gym is the motivation you get from class instructors. They give you workout ideas and push you harder than you would often push yourself. Aaptiv gives you that effect when you can’t make it to a class. Access hundreds of intense classes on the go to keep you moving.

Asana Rebel

For a less intense workout that will still help keep you fit, Asana Rebel offers you guided yoga workouts. Choose from a variety of workouts and skill levels. The fitness app also incorporates other exercises in addition to yoga to mix it up.


For one of the best free fitness apps for weight training, check out Fitbod. It learns as you go to customize your weight training workouts based on the exercises, weights, and reps you have done in the past. It learns the equipment you have available and mixes up your workouts to help you get the gains you are looking for.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal combines exercise, nutrition, and other elements of overall wellness to give you a complete picture of your fitness. Set goals and track them as you go with this innovative app.


For a complete focus on nutrition, Fooducate helps you track all your intake. It gives you useful health information on products from the grocery store and your favorite restaurants. Its barcode reader makes looking up products quick and easy.


This is one of the best fitness apps for quick hit intense workouts. When you want to squeeze a lot of exercise into a short period of time, Keelo gives you the ideas you need.


This is another of the best fitness apps for weight training. Instead of carrying a notebook around the gym to track your workouts and progress, you get it all in this useful app. Its suggestions will help you vary your workouts to keep you progressing.


This might just be the best fitness app for people with tight schedules. Sworkit will tailor workouts to any period of time you have. Choose a type of workout and how much time you have available, and you will get ideas that work with you.

Nike+ Run Club

For a running app that goes beyond GPS tracking, Nike+ Run Club offers coaching, workout ideas, music, and more. It gives you a complete running workout package.


Fitness is about more than diet and exercise. Headspace is one of the best fitness apps for focusing on the mind. It offers a wide variety of meditations to help relieve stress and relax.

Even the best fitness apps can’t completely replace in-person workout classes. Join our gym to get some of the best workouts you will ever experience while having a great time learning new skills. When you can’t make it to class, use some of these fitness tracking apps to help you stay on track with your wellness goals.

Written by
Friday, March 15, 2019