New Year, New Locations: How Legends Has Grown Over In The Past 6 Months

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

One of Legends Boxing’s core values is to create a sense of belonging: you are a part of a tribe, family, community- you’re a part of something special! And that is something that everyone deserves to get the chance to experience. 

In 2021, Legends has been lucky enough to provide this to many new members by opening several new locations that we’re thrilled to tell you about! Here is a little more information about where our new locations have opened, and who the owners are.

Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Garrit and Amber Wilkey partnered with their long term friends Rikki and Todd Smith to open this beautiful gym in Saratoga Springs. Smashing records throughout the whole process, they opened with an incredible amount of founding club members and are continually growing.

Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Michael Stolnicki is the owner of the Rochester location. Michael has always been passionate about fitness - when he’s not at the gym, you can find him hitting the pavement for long runs and marathons. Our Rochester gym experienced more than their fair share of hurdles to overcome with Covid shutdowns and delays, but they continued to be resilient and successfully opened in December 2021.

St. George, Utah.

Franchisees Garrit and Amber Wilkey, who also own the Saratoga Springs location, have partnered with fellow franchisee Lori Franks to open up our St. George location! They’re passionate about providing inclusive and community-based fitness options, so opening up another gym was the perfect next step. The St. George gym opened their doors in December 2021.

North Scottsdale, Arizona.

Matt Frentheway and Dave Hemmert have been involved in the Legends world in various ways for quite some time, and saw the potential of opening a new location in Arizona despite residing in Utah. With the help of their rockstar team, this location opened its doors in May of 2021. 

And last but not least!

Cedar Park, Texas.

Jared and Lynette Fields, who also own the South Austin gym 30 minutes away, decided it’s time to open a second location nearby. Thanks to the help of their already awesome team and phenomenal head coach Mars Hall, Cedar Park was able to open its doors this new year in January of 2022!

Expanding and sharing our core values is so important to us and our members. Despite another Covid filled, semi-normal year, we are so grateful that we’ve been able to bring Legends to new areas and reach more member than ever. With this, we are excited to continually grow and be the tribe and community everyone is looking for! 

Written by
Wednesday, March 2, 2022