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Leave Your Comfort Zone: Wilmington, North Carolina Boxing Gym

Over the years, boxing has remained one of the world’s most popular sports whether it's in the ring or personal training. You may have heard some big names like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, or Muhammad Ali, picturing boxing to only be for the macho men of the world however, this could not be further from the truth! Boxing is not only an incredible sport, but it is an excellent way to exercise! 

Although growing in popularity today, many people used to not even think twice about boxing making it the “black sheep” of the fitness industry. Back in the day, if you went to a boxing gym you were either there to be a fighter or you did Tae Bo. With popular movies like “Rocky” and “Ali” throwing punch after punch in a bloody battle for the win, it is no wonder why boxing seemed intimidating to many.

Okay, so what changed?

As society progressed, a strong focus on health and nutrition was born with consumers doing what they can to better their overall health. Specialty gyms like CrossFit began to flood the market showing the benefit of high intensity interval training or HIIT, cardio and weightlifting. People began to notice the incredible benefits from these HIIT style workouts helping it to grow in popularity all across the globe! 

As wonderful as CrossFit is, it definitely was not for everyone! People started to look for other options that didn’t consist of throwing hundreds of pounds above their head, but still gave them a full body workout that left them drenched in sweat. A few examples include kickboxing, bootcamp groups, martial arts, sparring, self defense classes and more fitness class options. This is when boxing clubs began to really grow in popularity breaking the stigma that it is only meant for the Hulks of the world. If you have never stepped into a gym or have been pumping iron for decades, boxing is an incredible workout welcoming all fitness levels! If you are thinking about giving boxing a try, it is a good idea to have some sort of idea on the basic moves and terminology that you will encounter before you go!

Boxer Stance

Stand shoulder width apart and step your dominant leg straight back to turn your body in the direction of where you are looking to punch. For most people, the dominant leg is on the same side as their dominant hand so if you are right-handed, take your right foot back so your left shoulder is facing forward. Next, turn your head and tuck it into your shoulder keeping your chin lowered slightly. Bring your hands up by your face just under your eyes in two fists. Having a good strong stance is very important in boxing because it helps to protect your face. 


A beginner punch that you will most likely start with in every class is known as a jab. Make sure you have your hands prepared with hand wraps. 

  • Start in a boxer stands with your hands in fists near your nose. Your back heel should be lifted just slightly off the ground.
  • Keep your hips in place as you punch your left hand straight out. With each punch, twist the knuckles of your hand so that when your arm is extended, your fingertips face the ground.
  • Return your left hand to the starting position, close to your face near your nose.


Typically, one of the most effective punches in boxing is the hook.

  • Begin in a boxer stance with your hands in fists near your nose. Your heel should be slightly lifted off the ground with the majority of your weight in your toes. 
  • With your elbow bent to a 90 degree angle, punch with your left hand, quickly rotating your body to the right as you throw the hook.
  • The punch ends when your fist is directly in front of your face.
  • Return your hands and hips back to your starting stance.


A cross simply put is when a punch is thrown with your rear hand directly at your opponent in a straight line.

  • Start in a boxer stance with your weight mostly in your front foot making sure to slightly bend your knees. Have your fists closed with your fingertips facing your chin. 
  • Punch your right hand straight forward with your fingertips facing the ground when your arm is fully extended. Pivot on the ball of your back foot as you punch and rotate your hips forward.
  • Return your right hand and hips back to your starting stance.


One of the most devastating punches in boxing causing an effective blow to your opponent is the uppercut. 

  • Begin in a boxer stance with your hands near your nose. Slightly lift your back heel off the ground with your weight falling mostly in your front foot. 
  • Turning your hip and knee forward, pivot on the ball of your back foot as your right hand swipes up from your hip. Keep your elbow bent with your fingertips facing you as you drive your punch right under your opponent’s chin. 
  • Bring your body back to your starting stance.

Bob and Weave

Also known as slipping and rolling, bobbing and weaving is a defensive technique in boxing that refers to when a boxer moves their head and body laterally, up, down, and rapidly to avoid punches thrown by their opponent.  One of the keys to achieving this technique is to use the power from your legs and not just your upper body. Dropping your body from the knees will help to move your head out of the way to avoid a punch while still keeping your balance. 

Don't let the heavy bag and speed bag discourage you from trying a free class for the first time. Boxing is a great way to exercise that challenges people to really push their limits, bringing them out of their comfort zones.  With benefits that promote heart health, reduces stress, and offers a full body workout, there is no question as to why boxing has become extremely popular over the last few years!

Heart Health

Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States? Boxing is a great choice for exercise because your body is constantly moving helping to improve your cardiovascular health! Aerobic exercise found in every great boxing class will get your heart pumping which will help to lower the risk of high blood pressure, commonly linked to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Stress Relief

Everybody suffers from a little bit of stress. One of the best benefits of boxing is that it is a natural tension relief that occurs in your body every single time you throw a punch! When you exercise, your body produces a natural chemical found in your brain called serotonin. This chemical works with your body to help improve your mood. 

Full Body Workout

There are not many types of exercise that can offer an intense full body workout the way boxing does! Boxing will work your entire body using a combination of aerobic and strength building, engaging your core and entire upper and lower body. 

A good boxing workout can help you to burn anywhere between 400 to 700 calories in just one hour making it an intense workout loved by many! If you are someone looking for a way to spice up your gym routine, then we highly recommend signing up for a boxing gym in Wilmington, North Carolina to give it a try. You will find that not only is it challenging physically and mentally, but it is also a lot of fun! Learning the techniques to throw a proper punch and mastering it is such an exciting feeling that will leave you coming back for more. Say goodbye to endless runs on the treadmill and put on a pair of boxing gloves – we know you won’t want to take them off!