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Jordan Landing, UT

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Finish Strong: Boxing Gym in Jordan Landing, Utah

When most people want to achieve their fitness goals, the first thought that comes to their mind is signing up for a basic gym membership. Walking in through the doors of your local gym for the first time is exciting because there are so many new machines that are now available to you to help on your fitness journey. However, over time this sense of excitement tends to fade and the amount of time you spend at the gym begins to decrease, causing you to fall off the fitness bandwagon altogether. What gives!?

We all know that exercising regularly has many health benefits. From improving energy levels, self-esteem, and mood to lowering the risk of developing dangerous diseases and conditions, it’s a no-brainer why physicians recommend getting in a little bit of exercise daily, but this knowledge isn’t always enough to put our best plans into practice. If it were as easy as that, everyone would be super fit, and our great beautiful country wouldn’t be facing an obesity crisis! The truth of the matter is that many people who start an exercise routine lose heart and drop out very quickly. 

Research supports that people are much more likely to make a habit of behaviors that bring us pleasure and tend to avoid behaviors associated with pain, displeasure, and even boredom. With that being said, if you want to get in shape, doesn’t it make sense to find an exercise that is exciting to continuously pique your interest? We think so too!

If you are looking to finish strong and get in the best shape of your life that will always keep you craving for more, we highly recommend giving a boxing gym like Legends Boxing a try! The classes are fun, fresh, and motivating making Legends Boxing the best boxing gym around Salt Lake City, Utah by a long shot!

Your First Class

So, you made the decision to change your life for the better and signed up for a boxing class – congratulations! You are about to embark into an exciting world of fitness that is like none other. If you are feeling a little nervous then take a deep breath and just know that everyone started in your shoes at one point or another. Newbie jitters are perfectly normal and tend to disappear the moment you step foot into the club. However, if you are feeling anxious and want to get an idea as to what to expect from your first class, then keep reading – we will tell you everything you need to know!

Gloves, Hand Wraps, and Shoes

It wouldn’t be boxing without gloves! At most gyms, you will need to purchase hand wraps and gloves prior to starting your first class to protect yourself. In fact, gloves are typically mandatory and tend to be a requirement to join a group fitness class. Some of the benefits that hand wraps and gloves provide are:

  • Improved wrist support
  • Knuckle and thumb protection
  • Stabilizes the wrist
  • Soaks up perspiration

If you are new to boxing, it is a good idea to try and rent gloves because they tend to come with a hefty price tag -- especially if you're just starting off with a free workout class. Once you take a few classes and realize how addicting boxing is, invest in your own pair. 

Believe it or not, but the shoes you decide to wear on your feet are also important. When you box, you will run, jump, kick, and squat which requires more support than what any basic running shoe can provide. Do yourself a favor and purchase a supportive sneaker-like a training shoe. You will thank us later!

First Class Walk-Through

When you sign up for your first class, you will want to make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early to meet with the personal training instructor for your first class walk-through. Just like with any gym, you will need to sign a little bit of paperwork such as liability forms prior to being able to join a class. Next, the instructor will take you on a tour of the fitness center to show you all of the equipment, where the restrooms are located, and where you can get water because you will definitely need to stay hydrated! They will also show you how to properly wrap your hands to avoid injury and teach you some of the basic techniques that you will need for your workout. Some of the punches that you will learn are:

  • Jab – the most important punch of them all is known as a jab. This sudden punch is quick, short, and effective. It can defend, attack, counter, create space, and much more making it a crucial punch to learn from the start. 
  • Hook – one of the most effective punches found in boxing is known as the hook. It comes from a side angle making it pretty challenging to defend which is why it is common for knockouts. 
  • Cross – for many, the cross is the strongest punch because it comes from the dominant hand and gets leverage easily through the back. It tends to be slower than a jab but is extremely effective. 
  • Uppercut – the uppercut is more powerful than a jab, comes fast, and can be unexpected. Just like a cross, the uppercut is a strong punch that can easily knock out your opponent in an instant. 

What Is a Boxer’s Stance?

After the instructor shows you a few of the basic punches, they will also teach you how to have a proper boxer’s stance. Your boxing stance determines the effectiveness of your defense, offense, and footwork. It will help to give you good reach with both hands and keep you steady with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Having a proper boxing stance will also give you:

  • Balance and range
  • Mobility and stability
  • Defense and power
  • Security and flexibility

Expect a Full-Body Workout

Now that you have the basics down, you will want to stretch because you are about to have an intense full-body workout! It is so important to keep in mind that boxing works every single muscle in your body making it one of the best ways to exercise for improved health. 

When many people think about boxing for exercise, they tend to think the class is simply hitting a punching bag over and over again for 45 minutes – this couldn’t be further from the truth! When you take a boxing class, you will feel every single muscle in your body ignite as you punch, kick, squat, and lunge! Some of the important muscles for boxing are:

Shoulder Muscles

It can go without saying that boxing deals greatly with the science of punching. Boxers learn how to deliver punches and how to generate power that transfers to their fists. However, there is a misconception that is pretty common to many that power comes from the arms. 

Power is generated from the base of the legs which is then transferred through the core and eventually makes its way to the fists, but it also courses through the shoulders. The rotator cuff is made up of important muscles like the trapezius and supraspinatus which are constantly strengthened and trained. 

These muscles stabilize the shoulder blades and allow smooth and rapid delivery of punches with maximum power. The stronger your shoulder muscles are, the more technically sound you will be able to execute your punches. 

Leg Muscles

On the surface, boxing may seem like it primarily focuses on arm strength development, but in reality, boxing actually trains the entire lower body! Like we just mentioned, punching power doesn’t come from the hands – it starts in the base, generated from your legs. Rule of thumb is the stronger your legs are, the more power you can generate. 

Core Muscles

Last but definitely not least, boxing trains your entire core. Think of your core muscles as your body’s very own fuel tank. This is where you draw your stamina and energy from. When you perform any sort of athletic movement, your core is always engaged. If you do not have a strong core, you won't last very long in any physical activity. 

Thank goodness for boxing because it trains the core entirely, engaging stabilizers such as the abdomen, diaphragm, and obliques. For example, punching involves twisting the torso and contracting the abdomen. This movement strengthens your obliques which play an important role in protecting vital organs. Taking body shots from an opponent is typical in boxing so having strong core muscles is critical. 

If you want to get into the best shape of your life while training your body to achieve that dream physique you have always hoped for, we highly recommend trying a boxing class at a great fitness studio like Legends Boxing! Gone are the days of running countless hours on the treadmill staring off into the abyss, bored out of your mind. Boxing classes are constantly changing to keep you coming back for more. Finish strong with the best boxing club in West Jordan, Utah: Legends Boxing! Located just outside of South Jordan and SLC within Salt Lake County, this boxing club is the perfect place to get into boxing.