COVID-19 Updates.

All locations are OPEN. Please be sure to check the schedule for your gym to book into class as class sizes may be reduced. Stay tuned for updates on any of our new gyms opening across the US.

A message from Legends Boxing President & COO, Scott Hatter:

As experts in the fitness industry, the sanitation of our gyms, and the health of our clients and staff, are our top priority. We at Legends Boxing view you as an extension of our own family, which is why I want to personally reach out regarding the concerns surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19). Our goal is to ensure health and safety for all, and I’d like to share with you our sanitation practices and how we’re focused on preventing the spread of germs.

Because hygiene is of utmost importance in our classes, our staff has ensured that all equipment is properly disinfected with thoroughness and care. In addition to these normal sanitation procedures, we remain committed to following the guidelines and recommendations from both the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization in each of our gyms. Per their instruction, we’ve also identified high touch surfaces within all locations that are being cleaned with even more regularity.

As a boutique gym, we are able to better handle situations such as this compared to larger fitness concepts. By continuing to limit class sizes as needed, reducing the amount of shared equipment used, as well as keeping members 6ft apart, we are able to properly meet all recommendations set forth by the CDC.

During your next visit, you’ll notice a few additions. Along with providing hand sanitizers around the studio, we’ve posted signs with helpful hygiene tips. We also have a team actively monitoring this situation, and regularly communicating best practices with our gyms.

We have instructed staff, as well as the other members within our Legends Tribe, to stay home if they’re feeling under the weather. And we encourage those coming in for a free workout to call us if you’re not feeling well, so we can happily reschedule you for a later date.

As we continue to monitor this situation, my ultimate goal remains the same – to provide you with an exceptional workout in a safe and welcoming gym environment.

Scott Hatter
President & COO, Legends Boxing

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